Saturday, July 19, 2008

These are some vase just finished the black ones are carved and painted the ones in from are slip trailed. All the work in this group and the steampunk are made from '16' a miller cone 6 porcelain.
Cream and sugar  all steamy The gauge there on the sugar will be finished with a fake dial and needle and be covered with a glass or plastic cover. The creamer will have gears and other things in his gearhole that too will be covered in glass.
This is most of the group. Finally made a business card holder that too will have a watch movement under glass in the front.

Couple of close up so you can see the details. Just one last firing for the luster and I can start the cold work.


  1. Tim - gorgeous vases. By the way, I responded to your question on pg. 7 of the current thread.