Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art Trail was last weekend, and was the first show of the season that I had done prior to this season. Well I should recap the two shows before.

Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington, DC
The show overall was fantastic. Setup was grueling and tear-down was even harder. The hours and duration of the show also made it difficult being the first show of the year. The people through the door knew their stuff and needed little if any education regarding ceramic processes.
Sales were brisk and eye opening. The average price per piece sold was nearly triple that of any show previously. The last couple days there were less sales and visitors which gave a short opportunity to visit other artists. I should make a list of them soon. It was a great experience and has me eager to do other prestigious shows.

100 American Craftsmen, Lockport, NY (outside of Buffalo)
I was pretty spoiled coming out of the Smithsonian and my expectation for an indoor show where far greater than they have been. Set up was fairly easy except for the few inconsiderate few who park in front of the entrances... DUH. My booth space was 10x9.5 so I had to take some property from the isle way. The sales were dismal Saturday and nonexistent Sunday. I did win an award that put me just over expenses if I don't count having to sit in a booth for three days. I will not return to this show unless it makes a big turn around.

Westcott Community Art Trail, Syracuse, NY
This was the first show I had done as a artist. I had done its very first year in a garage with Brenda and Ron Kalinoski. It was a horrible weekend but I learned a great lesson. Only have the work out that is perfect, any flaw will reflect upon every other piece in your booth. This years Art Trail was fantastic! My sales were well over triple any Art Trail before. I had many repeat buyers and a great overall response from the people stopping by. Not to mention the students at Clayscapes had a super show as well. They set up a booth across the street, for some this was their first, others are veterans now. They were all pleased with sales and having the chance to get the public reactions on their work. Don and I were both pleased to see such great work coming out of our students.


  1. Tim,
    I am opening a new office in Syracuse and am looking for someone who can create a unique metal sign for our lobby. Can you help? I can reached at 315-727-3341, my name is John Arquette

  2. Hey Tim...we have been trying to reach you via your website. We would like to discuss your work. Please contact us at

    Waylon Summers, Gallery Director
    Lovetts Gallery