Friday, January 30, 2009

Air Conditioner... Steampunk

So this is the start of the steampunk air conditioner, it doesn't have a name yet. Most of the parts are extruded the assembly of this piece has been the most difficult and time consuming of any of the steampunk pieces so far. All joints and seams have to water tight and there are many seams. when it has been bisqued I will make a drawing of how it works.

These are the raw pieces sized up and ready to go.

The worst part making sure every tube is sealed.

Some of the detail in the fill gauge pipe.

The water tanks are in the back there and will be connected with a rubber tube. The air in the system is relieved in the fill gauge pipe. this whole system will rest upon a base that will be thrown and act as a chimney for the cool air. Also the glass has yet to be installed in the front and back channels. I am super excited to get this finished.

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