Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Steam Punk Pourers

This group of pourers are sans nameplate but include more exterior piping, nuts and acorn nuts a few pipe fitting and a wing nut. All of these parts are made out of clay.


  1. Your stuff is just wonderful Tim!
    It's so good to see young people with a passion for ceramics - we're a minority for sure! Your work is just stunning! I'm studying ceramics at university here and Australia and we have lots of middle aged students, as a 22 year old its so encouraging to see such talent and success in this field!

  2. Well Thanks Lily,
    It is I think in all realms of art that younger students are less encouraged to become artists by their teacher and by their parents. I had very few experiences in college that would transfer well to making a "living" out of my skills. I only know a very few that are practicing artists out of the hundreds I have seen in my studies. But do not think of it as discouraging. I looked at it as a blessing. If you are self motivated and willing to work for success rather than have it handed to you, it is a much easier world when fewer people pursue it. It can be disappointing to know how much raw talent is wasted, but not discouraging. Chin up! if you have the drive to make it work it shall work.

  3. Tim, Glad to see the teapot series are coming along. Just amazing. Maybe see you in April...

  4. As a rabid 'steampunk' myself, I just wanted to say...WOW!!!
    What amazing pieces! I'm headed right over to your Etsy shop!!