Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lamps have been found at the dig site.

So I have been working on a theme... a binding idea, something I can fall back to for ideas, parameters and guidance. The idea is TEA. The work that is produced in the "Dragon Wells Steam Works" style will contain elements and "funk"tional ideas related to MY own tea style not a traditional form or tea drinking. It will be based, as it should, on steam and mechanical means by which to produce, maintain, harvest, preserve, store, prepare, and serve tea. That idea may be too simple though. 

There was a eccentric living in a "home under NYC during the 1910s and 20s who grew and cultivated his own tea with machines he could find or abscond from the surface. He had died leaving his machines of brass, copper and iron to be found a century later by a potter looking for a vein of clay.

Something like that and what I have made and am making will be both things found in his house under the ground in NYC or things I have produced to restore items I have only found parts of, like a conservationist. 

So These are a group of lamps with that idea in mind. They will have cloth covered cords, Edison bulbs from that era I hope and a whole lot of gold and brass. I will be doing research of early pipe fitting and fluid systems to make future groups of steam items more accurate to the period. 

Someone had emailed me asking what Dragon Wells means. It is a type of tea. how perfect is that.

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  1. I get it. It's a good one, too. You've got all the parts into play, the romantic notion of a soul living deep underground. You've got the gritty nature of that existence and the "wabi" or inherent beauty within the imperfect. And your bringing them to the surface (so to speak) will give it the legs of a fable. Way to go. (and thanks for your quick response to my posting on Youtube yesterday regarding shrinkage).
    I look forward to seeing more. Good luck!