Friday, February 6, 2009

Online Press, bloggers, Webbers Hello

Well It seems, Thanks to Mr. Von Slatt of the, this poor little blog seen in many more places. For those that are so kind as to share this with others whether you are a blogger as myself or a major entity as MAKE, let me know so may link to you and we can all be a better knit community.


  1. Hi Tim,
    I have seen you vidios on U Tube for a while now...nice to see you again! This is great, I think that the way you approach your thinking in this narrative shows through into your making process. Clay is an amazing medium with oodles of history just begging to be unpacked and re molded into new stories. I will be joining in every step of the way!
    P.S my Nana used to have a brass version of the lamp below with different parts which you threaded onto a log brass rod and then did up with a large pin also had a magical assortment of tools that hung of the central section to do with the mysteries of light!

  2. Tim
    Have added your blogspot to my pottery links at The links to your videos have been posted for quite a while as i've found them very impressive and wanted others to be able to see them too!!!

  3. I am adding you to my blog as a link. I ahven't been blogging lately.. Here is my blog address. Should be adding again soon.

    Anna Becer

  4. Hi Tim, Just wanted to tell you that you are my new favorite artist and teacher. I am thoroughly enjoying your videos and I am so glad I found you. Thanks so much for making them and I hope you will continue to make many more for us. You rock!!