Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yes it is a word and my experience yesterday confirms it. To start, it was raining.. so we were going to need tarps for the booth while in the truck, not a big deal. I forgot the rolling cart @clayscapes so went there early. No cart, the Reeldeals people must have used it and took it with them. I would pick up another one when I went to get the tarp. Got to parents house to pick up booth. One section did not fit and i had to take the tailgate off. No biggie. Mom dug up some daffodils to put in the PLANT-A-TIONS because the grass seed i planted rotted and it smelled like vomit. Booth all tarped and ready to go.

Not a mile down the road the tarp gets all flappy. I fixed it. Another mile - flappy again and i remember i forgot the paint. Fixed the tarp with more bungees from the trailer and headed back to my parents. Got the paint, tarp was ok. Feeling good despite leaving 4 hours after planned. Get on 81 and after reaching 65 the tarp decides to jump ship. I then removed the tarp and all things holding the tarp on. Get back on the road.  20 min later, I look in the rearview and I see one of the booth sections prepare for take off... and launch. we were on a stretch of r81 with a large field. the wind was very  strong and blew a whole 1/5 of my booth out of the truck into the air and thirty feet off the shoulder. Upon impact it exploded along with the shelves for most of the booth that were stored inside. It looked like a cardboard elephant was hit by a truck and was bleeding plywood. well after much swearing, Brenda calmed me down enough to get the booth parts back in the truck (pouring rain) and we head off looking for tiedowns. I found a NAPA and across the street some parking. While crossing from the gas station parking lot I was hit by a silver sedan. It didn't knock me down but it was pretty scary. The napa had tie downs though. YEAH!

And Wendy's burnt my chicken. we got to the hotel @11, long day and today i get to fix the booth or at least try.

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