Sunday, April 12, 2009

One Week

My marathon is nearly over, then the race begins. My booth will be finished on tuesday and it looks fantastic if I may say so. It feels great to have a dedicated indoor booth that can make it at the fanciest shows. The work has been a struggle. Despite two months of testing clays and glazes,  firing after firing of the chosen clay and glazes, there are still surprises. Expectations and clay do not mix. The finished work is better than what I can do on a regular basis. The next year will be spent attempting to recreate the best aspects of the newest batch of Dragon Wells Steam Works pottery. 

I will be shooting a bunch of pictures this next week when the final prep of the pieces is finished. Some will be posted here, others on my Flicker or on my new website And if I have some time I will be adding some pieces to my Etsy...  yeah with one week before the Smothsonian I should have all sorts of time.

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  1. Good luck with the Smithsonian Craft Show; you're in with some impressive company. Can't wait to see some pictures. p.s. You've got the best instructional videos on YouTube.