Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Set Up

Those who have done shows before know how difficult setup can be. The Smithsonian show is a whole different animal. showing up on time wasn't important we waited in a line of other vehicles that were waiting for a spot on the loading dock. We were number 14. It took 2 hours to get our spot at the dock. they all seemed pretty impressed with my trailer driving skills. we borrowed a cart from one of the other artists that I helped unload. The booth was on the opposite end of the building from the loading dock so we spent a an hour and a half pushing carts full of stuff to the booth. It set up quickly we painted the repaired section of the booth and had lunch. After lunch we put the lights up and the work and everything looks great. satisfied after a 12 hour day we headed back to the hotel, after a few wrong turns we found a grocery store and got food. while trying to follow the directions and failing again a wrong turn put us right in the parking lot to our hotel. I am sleeping with my dinner on my pillow hoping some of it gets in my mouth. Brenda is already sawing zzzzs. I will upload some pictures when i can remember the card reader.

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